Akimeka, LLC

Existing SeaPort-e Prime?: Yes - under parent company, VSE Corporation
CAGE Code: 1KWE4
DUNS: 969675123


1305 N. Holopono Street, Suite 3
Kihei, HI 96753-6916


Name: Alice Sundquist
E-mail: asundquist@akimeka.com
Phone Number: 407-875-2457 Ext. 237

Alternate EPOC
Name: Kevin Shipe
E-mail: kwshipe@akimeka.com
Phone Number: 407-875-2457 Ext. 257

Business' Information

Business Ownership: Large Business
Business Size: Over $17M
Annual Revenue (Exceed $23M over past 3 years? ): Yes
Technical Capability: Akimeka, LLC is an established information technology provider specializing in health services information technology consulting primarily serving the U.S. Government market. Akimeka is a recognized leader in the Department of Defense (DoD) health services and logistics sector. The company has a world-class technical team skilled at developing creative information technology (IT) e-health care solutions within government systems and protocols. Core expertise also lies in Enterprise Architecture Development, Information Assurance/ Information Security, Program and Project Management, Network IT Services, Systems Design and Integration, and Web-Based Technologies. In addition, Akimeka has competencies providing Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)/Lean Six Sigma (LSS), Clinical Trials Database Management (CTDB), Software Engineering, Public Safety/E-9-1-1, and Cross Domain Solutions.
Tasking: N/A
Functional Area(s): N/A
Past Performance:


Point of Contact for Information:
Kelly Russ
Program Manager