Metron, Incorporated

Existing SeaPort-e Prime?: Yes
CAGE Code: 8W019
DUNS: 107939233


1818 Library Street, Suite 600
Reston, VA 20190-6281


Name: Seth Blackwell
Phone Number: 703-326-2907

Alternate EPOC
Name: Courtney Martin
Phone Number: 703-326-2885

Business' Information

Business Ownership: Small Business
Business Size: N/A
Annual Revenue (Exceed $23M over past 3 years? ): Yes
Technical Capability:

Tasking: Primarily R&D tasks to leverage, extend, and enhance state-of-the-art capabilities for application domains of the above-described technical capabilities. Anticipate work for NAVSEA, NAVAIR and the ONI.
Functional Area(s): 3.1.1 Research & Development; 3.1.2 Modeling, Simulation & Emulation; 3.1.5 Experimentation, Test & Evaluation; 3.1.6 Analysis & Evaluation
Past Performance:


Point of Contact for Information:
Kelly Russ
Program Manager