Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc.

Existing SeaPort-e Prime?: Yes
CAGE Code: 8Z634
DUNS: 131873457


11790 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, VA 20191


Name: Jerome Martin
E-mail: jmartin@wbbinc.com
Phone Number: 703-448-6081 x148

Alternate EPOC
Name: Jacinta Green
E-mail: jgreen@wbbinc.com
Phone Number: 703-448-6081

Business' Information

Business Ownership: Large Business
Business Size: Over $17M
Annual Revenue (Exceed $23M over past 3 years? ): Yes
Technical Capability: Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc. (WBB) is a defense consulting firm specializing in concept development and program support for emerging military systems. The company has an established reputation with both DoD and the defense industry for technical expertise, acquisition process insight, and quality products. Government and the defense industry recognize the company as a leader in concept development, requirements documentation, problem identification, and innovative, responsive solutions. WBBs staff includes former members of all four military services; they provide clients with a unique joint operational perspective, producing concepts and solutions that are readily accepted by the warfighter. Consultants possess broad operational experience and both Service and Joint headquarters experience that can be leveraged by our customers for a range of acquisition program support and requirements determination and documentation tasks.
Tasking: As prescribes via the prime by task order.
Functional Area(s):

Past Performance:


Point of Contact for Information:
Kelly Russ
Program Manager